Guidelines For ePoster Presenters
Submission Deadline September 16, 2018

In order to exploit new technologies that are environmentally friendly the XXIV World Congress of Asthma introduces the use of electronic posters (e-Posters) displayed on computer screens instead of printed on paper. Therefore all accepted abstracts for Poster Presentation will be scheduled as e-Posters.

All electronic poster presenters should send their presentation no later than September 16, 2018. No e-Posters will be accepted after the deadline.

All e-Posters will be displayed in the e-Poster area. The e-Posters will be displayed on multimedia screens available for e-Posters only. Multiple e-Posters will be available on each screen. On one screen the Slides will be advanced by mouse click and as a running presentation on the other . The e-Posters can be looked up by poster number, title, category or presenting author name.

Besides being displayed onsite, all e-posters will be made available for viewing on the conference website for up to one month after the conference, if the presenting author so wishes.

Formats that can be used

  • All submissions must be in MS-PowerPoint format.
  • The PowerPoint file must have the .ppt or .pptx suffix to be accepted.
  • Only one PowerPoint file may be submitted per electronic poster.
  • e-Posters will be viewed on 55’’ LCD screens (47.9’’ x 27’’).
  • Screen ratio: 16:9. In Microsoft Office 2013 the default format is now 16:9 but if you are using older versions you must change the slide master BEFORE you create your e-Poster.
  • Page set up: 90x120cm.
  • Avoid using small images and text if possible. For images, you can use format .jpeg or .png with 72 or 96 dpi resolution and similar size.
  • Landscape format.
  • The electronic poster sessions will have no connection to the internet. Therefore Hyperlinks should be removed.
  • Animated images, animations and animated slide transitions are not permitted for e-Posters and will be non-functioning.
  • No audio speakers will be available, so please do not include audio in your presentation
  • Maximum 5 slides can be uploaded for each E-Poster
  • File size limit is 24 MB. You may send your file with WeTransfer through the following link: to the following email address:


The final electronic poster will be subject to quality control.

IMPORTANT: Please note that WCA 2018 policies do not allow displaying pharmaceutical products or company logos anywhere on your e-poster.

Disclosure Statement

The disclosure statement submitted together with the abstract will be published online at the Meeting website, and you should include the statement on the first slide of your e poster.

Download disclosure statement here


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